Toyota Hilux (2015-2021) GUN N80 Fatz High Flow Airbox (SKU: FFN80AB) - Canyon Off-Road

Toyota Hilux (2015-2021) GUN N80 Fatz High Flow Airbox (SKU: FFN80AB)

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The Fatz built GUN/N80 Airbox incorporate our matched sizing MAF housing to retain factory air flow readings, a filter of your choice (8 layer oiled gauze or dry element paper in a 9 inch POD configuration), clear acrylic lid for a great look and easy checking of filter soiling.

The box incorporates a water trap and duck valve drain to allow water to drain away from the filter when ingested through the snorkel and drain out from the valve. All the required hardware supplied to install the air box. Plumbing from the air box outlet to the turbo inlet retains the factory ducting, which we couple onto with one additional silicone coupling. 4” inlet on the box allows free flowing air from the snorkel into the box.

Supplied in all cases with filter, clear lid, fasteners, Silicone coupling to plumb onto inlet duct and instructions to install.

Due to manufacturing delays please allow up to 4 weeks for dispatch.