Toyota Hilux (2005-2015) KUN N70 2-3" Adjustable Bilstein Suspension Kit

Toyota Hilux (2005-2015) KUN N70 2-3" Adjustable Bilstein Suspension Kit

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Toyota Hilux (2005-2015) KUN N70 2-3" Adjustable Bilstein Suspension Kit

Phat Bars have worked to develop a shock that brings the best of Bilstein and fine tune it to have the PHAT Bars touch.

Threaded height adjustable collar for 0-3” lift! 
We offer a version of the Bilstein B6 that is adapted to special requirements. The precise settings reduced uncontrolled movements by the high structure and increase steering precision and the suspension’s load carrying capacity, as well as guaranteeing more vehicle control and therefore, safer handling and better traction.
  • Greater performance reserves and service life, even when towing or in off-road applications
  • Optimum adhesion and enhanced lane change stability in both day-to-day and extreme situations
  • Marked improvement in safety and performance without additional spring changes (standard springs can be used)
  • Bilstein gas pressure technology
  • Bilstein mono-tube/upside-down technology, made in Germany
  • Road and track tested by Bilstein for fine tuning

Everything you need to transform your Hilux:

  • PHAT Bars Yellow Series Bilstein Adjustable 0 – 3” Front Coilover
  • PHAT Bars Yellow Series Bilstein Rear Shocks
  • Pre-Assembled with PHAT Black Series Coils
  • Rear Leaf Springs
  • Leaf Bush Kit
  • Greasable Shackles
  • U-Bolts
  • Front Leaf Bolts

PLEASE NOTE: While we will try and set your coil overs to the selected height, you may need to fine tune them once installed.  All cars are different and accessory weights differ from brand to brand. We can not guarantee exact ride heights.