Nissan Patrol (1997-2015) GU Wagon 50mm suspension lift kit - Koni Raid

Nissan Patrol (1997-2015) GU Wagon 50mm suspension lift kit - Koni Raid

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Nissan Patrol (1997-2015) GU Wagon 50mm suspension lift kit - Koni Raid

Pushing your 4x4 to the absolute limit and need the suspension lifted ? Koni Raid are designed and developed by passionate  4WD enthusiasts. 

With many years experience in shock absorber design and manufacturing, KONI - the leader in Heavy Duty dampers for buses, trucks, trailers, military applications, and railway - decided to combine its high level of technology and its 4x4 market knowledge to create a new range of offroad shocks dedicated to the raiders.

KONI RAID offroad shocks are reliable high quality replacement performance parts for customers who seek a non sophisticated but effective product to do the jobs it's designed for; to finish offroad raids.

This kit, designed specifically for the Nissan Patrol GU Wagon, will lift your vehicle by 50mm/50mm, and provide dramatically improved road holding, towing balance and off-road performance with a damper adjustable shock

 This full kit, comprises the following;

  • Front King Coil Springs (pair)
  • Front Koni RAID Series Front Shocks x 2
  • Rear RAID Series Rear Shocks x 2
  • Rear 0-300KG King Coil Springs (other weights available via selectable drop down menu)
  • Front Offset Castor Correction Bush kit

    hocking conditions or winding roads? When asphalt becomes boring and gravel, dirt and dust are too tempting, HEAVY TRACK® 4 x 4 shock absorbers by KONl are the ideal all-terrain option. These shock absorbers will deliver optimum road holding and comfort both on and offroad.

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    Canyon Offroad offers a range of spring rates to suit your anticipated front accessory requirements, and rear constant loads. View the guide on spring selection HERE