Nissan Navara (2015-2021) NP300 D23 Xrox Bullbar | NP300 Bullbar – Canyon Off-Road
Nissan Navara (2015-2021) NP300 D23 Xrox Bullbar (SKU: XRNAV4) - Canyon Off-Road

Nissan Navara (2015-2021) NP300 D23 Xrox Bullbar (SKU: XRNAV4)Nissan Navara NP300 Bullbar

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Nissan Navara (2015-2021) NP300 D23 Xrox Bullbar (SKU: XRNAV4)

Want the ultimate in protection, appearance and durability? The Xrox range of protection gear is just what you need.

Born from the demands of serious off-road competition, Outback Accessories' range of Xrox Bars delivers the results you want!

Canyon Off-Road is proud to bring you these Xrox bullbars designed specifically for your Navara NP300 D23 .

With serious good looks, extreme off-roading capabilities, ADR/airbag compliant and the durability that real steel and Australian design delivers.
Xrox gives you the protection you need with the clearance you crave.

Lighter than traditional bull bars, the smart 'winged' design allows for fast easy replacement while maintaining strength.

Built in hi-lift jack points together with mounting positions for winches, tow hooks, recovery eyes, lights, aerials and sand flags gives you the versatility you need.

Adding a heavy duty NP300 bullbar to your Nissan Navara is one of the first things you should do before heading out on a big trip. If you are traversing large distances across the Australian outback, putting the right frontal protection on your Navara is essential to keep you and your family protected against dangerous obstacles.

A high performance NP300 bullbar from Canyon Off-road will not only look stylish mounted to the front of your Navara but it has been built strong to withstand heavy strikes from animals, branches, rocks, trees and boulders. If you are planning on taking your vehicle off-road, an NP300 bullbar will give your Navara improved ground clearance and better approach and departure angles.

Tough Protection with an NP300 Bullbar

At Canyon Off-road, we have an Xrox NP300 bullbar specifically designed to fit your Nissan Navara. These high performance bullbars are manufactured by Outback Accessories, a reputable manufacturer of bullbars in Australia.

An NP300 bullbar from Canyon Off-road has been built to meet the demands of the driving conditions you will encounter in the great outdoors. Our NP300 bullbar is airbag compliant so you can rest assured the airbag is going to go off if you do happen to hit something.

Not only that, but our NP300 bullbars have hi lift jacking points (and are winch compatible), as well as spotlight mountings, which are essential if you are travelling at night.

To find out more about installing an NP300 bullbar to your vehicle, contact the team at Canyon Off-road today.

NP300 Bullbar & Nissan Navara Aftermarket Products

At Canyon Off-road, we sell an NP300 bullbar and a range of other products for your Navara. We stock high quality turbo diesel pre-filter kits, turbo back exhausts, catch cans, long range fuel tanks, front mount intercoolers, and more.

You can easily search our website by make and model of vehicle so you can see the full selection of products available. Add your NP300 bullbar and other accessories to the online shopping cart, or contact us with any questions you may have. We deliver 4x4 performance parts and accessories all over Australia.

DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA, The Xrox Range is proudly supplied by Canyon Offroad

    • ADR Approval
    • Winch Compatible
    • 2 x Hi Lift Jacking Points
    • 4 Recovery Hook/Eye Locations
    • 4 x Aerial / Sand-flag / Spotlight Mountings
    • Constructed from 2" Steel Tube
    • Finished in Black Powder coat
    • Detachable Side Wings (can be easily replaced if damaged)
    • Most Bars Support up to 15,000lb Low Mount Winch
    • Airbag Compatible
    • Improves Ground Clearance & Approach Angles
    • Weighs Approximately 45kg
    • Includes Bash Plates
    • 50mm Lift Available
    • Bumper cut required for installation
    • Specific Fitment Dates: 03/2015 on

Please Note: We keep many of these in stock, but are unable to keep all. Generally these are made to order with a 3-4 week lead time currently. If in stock they will dispatch immediately