LDV T60 (2017+) 40-60mm Adjustable - Ironman Foam Cell – Canyon Off-Road

LDV T60 (2017+) 40-60mm Adjustable - Ironman Foam Cell

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LDV T60 (2017+) 40-60mm Adjustable - Ironman Foam Cell
Foam Cell is the ultimate shock when the going gets tough.
Thicker and stronger than any other shock on the market, it is well suited to trades, fleet and serious off-roaders.
Pushing your 4x4 to the absolute limit and need the suspension lifted ? Ironman Foam Cell kits are designed and developed by passionate  4WD enthusiasts, comprehensively designed to give a complete solution, tailored to your individual vehicle requirements.

Wanting all of the advantages of a foam cell strut with complete front height adjustment all with 3 year warranty ? 

This kit, designed specifically for the LDV T60 (2017+) will lift your vehicle by 40mm-60mm, and vide dramatically imved road holding, towing balance and off-road performance.

Originally designed to meet the demands of the armoured vehicle industry where reliability and durability are critical.

- 45mm piston
- 65-72mm body
- 20mm piston rod
- 3mm wall thickness
- Twin tube construction
- Foam cell technology

 This full kit, comprises the following;

  • Front Ironman Coil Springs
  • Front Ironman Foam Cell Adjustable Struts
  • Rear Ironman Foam Cell Shocks
  • Rear Leaf Springs to spec
  • Polyurethane Springs Bushes
  • U-bolts

  *Coils may vary in colour between yellow and lime green.