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Nissan Patrol (2004-2015) GU Series 4  Outback Accessories Rear Bar (SKU: TWCGU) - Canyon Off-Road

Nissan Patrol (1997-2016) GU Series 1-4 Outback Accessories Rear Bar (SKU: TWCGU)Nissan GU Patrol Rear Bar

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Nissan Patrol (1997-2016) GU Series 1-4 Outback Accessories Rear Bar (SKU: TWCGU)

Want the ultimate in protection, appearance and durability? The Outback Accessories range of protection gear is just what you need.

Born from the demands of serious off-road competition, Outback Accessories' range of Outback Accessories rear bars delivers the results you want!

Canyon Off-Road is proud to bring you these Outback Accessories Wheel rear bar with jerry can and wheel carrier options designed specifically for your Nissan GU & Y61 Wagon

With serious good looks, extreme off-roading capabilities and the durability that real steel and Australian design delivers. Outback Accessories gives you the protection you need with the clearance you crave.

Replacing the bulky standard bumper, and with options to suit spare wheels, and jerry can holding, these are a fantastic looking and versatile rear bar

Developed to handle the toughest terrain  The Outback Accessories rear bars with rear bar gives you the ultimate in rear-end protection plus improved off-road  ability.

Rock Slider Specifications:

    • Full Bumper Replacement
    • Built-in High-Lift Jacking Points
    • Easy-Action Gas Strut - Opens & Locks Securely Without Pins
    • Heavy Duty Pivots & Sealed Bearings
    • Recessed waterproof LED lights
    • Rattle-free, Fully adjustable
    • Over-centre Latch Mechanism
    • Ultra Sturdy Steel Construction
    • Bead Blasted, Zinc Coated and Heavy Duty Powder-Coated
    • Non-Slip Aluminium Step Plate
    • Specify series (11/2004 is Series 4 up) and specify make of towbar on order

DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA, The Outback Accessories Range is proudly supplied by Canyon Offroad


GU Patrol Rear Bar

Exploring off-road trails in your Nissan can be a great experience but it can also be damaging to your vehicle if you don’t have the proper protection. Making the right modifications, such as adding a heavy duty GU Patrol rear bar is essential to guard your Nissan 4WD against potential damage such as hitting a tree, or scraping your bumpers against a rock.

A GU Patrol rear bar will give your vehicle the rear protection you need when you are off-roading, which a factory rear bar cannot provide. A factory bumper has been designed to take impacts from everyday driving, but not the type of blows you may encounter when you are trekking in the great outdoors.

A GU Patrol rear bar from Canyon Off-road also has essential high lift jacking points, which will help you in situations where you need to lift your Nissan 4x4 for recovery purposes.

Guard Your Nissan with a GU Patrol Rear Bar

Canyon Off-road has a GU Patrol rear bar designed to fit your Nissan GU and Y61 Wagon. We stock rear bars made by Outback Accessories, a leading manufacturer of rear bars, bull bars and other protection gear in Australia. 

A GU Patrol rear bar from Canyon Off-road has been designed with convenience in mind, which is why it includes the option to carry jerry cans and dual or single wheel carriers. A GU Patrol rear bar also looks good attached to the back of your Nissan.

We know our customers are keen off-roaders who want high quality aftermarket parts that will keep their vehicle protected when they are doing some serious four-wheel driving. Our GU Patrol rear bar has been built to last, using real steel and powder-coating.

Replace your factory bumper with a heavy duty GU Patrol rear bar from Canyon Off-road today.

GU Patrol Rear Bar & 4x4 Protection Gear

Keep your Nissan protected with a range of 4x4 performance products from Canyon Off-road, such as a GU Patrol rear bar. We stock bullbars, rear bars, rock sliders and under vehicle protection to keep your vehicle safe when you are navigating tricky trails.

For more information about ordering a GU Patrol rear bar, contact Canyon Off-road.

Please Note: These are made to order and generally 4-6 weeks