Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (2015-Present) 4 Piece Underguard by Brown Dav – Canyon Off-Road
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (2015-Present) 4 Piece Underguard by Brown Davis(SKU: UGMTMQ) - Canyon Off-Road

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (2015-Present) 4 Piece Underguard by Brown Davis(SKU: UGMTMQ)

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Off road touring is fraught with potential hazards that can ultimately leave travellers stranded in remote and hard to reach locations. Those who have suffered the merciless wrath of the outback’s rugged terrain, will know first hand just how serious an issue it really is. A punctured sump, a tail-shaft jammed with logs, or even a damaged radiator; a failure of this nature can be both very costly and terrifying for those unlucky enough to be stranded without help.

Brown Davis has tackled the issue of Underbody protection head on, to develop bullet proof armour for the underside of most popular off road machines. With over 40 years off road experience, and a solid understanding of what is encountered when off road trekking, Brown Davis has every base of design covered to ensure you have the best chance of battling the outback and winning every time. By incorporating specific design features and utilizing high grade materials, the Brown Davis range of under vehicle guards will protect your vehicle and give you confidence to travel into the unknown without fear.


  • Laser cut and folded 3mm steel
  • Recessed mountings for bolt head protection
  • Easy removal for vehicle servicing and cleaning
  • Front venting holes where required
  • Designed to maximise approach and departure angles
  • All hardware supplied for easy DIY fitment
  • Specifically designed to protect each vehicles vital parts
  • Powder coated grey for added durability

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